About Us

Mission Statement:

In 2010 this group came together for the purpose of furthering the principles of recovery among the clean and sober riding community. We think it beneficial to set into writing the purpose for the Texas Serenity Run,
the structure and procedures for the Texas Serenity Run Committee. While
our foundation is based within the framework or the ideals, principles
and traditions of the oldest of the 12 step recovery fellowships,
Alcoholics Anonymous, we believe it is imperative the Texas Serenity Run
remain unaffiliated from all clean and sober clubs, organizations and
fellowships. While we are aware that not all of the clean and sober
riding community will find the Texas Serenity Run necessary, we believe
it beneficial to continue to hold it annually so long as there is a

Purpose Statement:

The Texas Serenity run was established for the purpose of
furthering the principles, ideals and traditions of 12 step recovery
among clean and sober motorcycle riders by providing a place where all
clean and sober motorcycle riders could gather annually in friendship,
and the spirit of fellowship to share their new lives in recovery…

TSR Committee Positions-

RESPONSIBILITIES explanation document revised and approved